Tamara and Wes’s Baby Shower Catering

Tamara and Wes gave us the honor of celebrating a special day with them. With the birth of their first child on the way, their life is about to change forever, and for the better. It was a joy to go through every step of the process. We did tastings of the foods they were looking for and came up with the perfect menu.

Here’s what what we made for them:

  • babyshower-1Sliders
  • Tea smoked chicken lettuce wrap
  • Fruit basket
  • Chicken Marsala cream sauce
  • Braised beef shirt rib port wine
  • Green beans with shallots & ginger
  • Polenta roasted garlic
  • Salad with spinach and candied pecans
  • Simply raspberry & blueberry lemonade
  • Korbel champagne

Doing an exquisite job of planning the event was Laura Wright-Lerma and she had a number of games planned and I’m sure some of those strong men knew that the baby bottles were coming out before they sat down for a drinking game that seems to always surprise the guys who volunteer.

There were two fun additions to the event. There was a baby fruit platter that got almost as many pictures as the parents to be. And their good friends also prepared a beautiful cake that was devoured by the group. The biggest surprise for our team was when three guests came back into our prep area to thank Chef Kyndra for the meal. One gentleman, Daniel insisted on hugging everyone on the team starting with the Chef and getting a third helping before we could even bring more food out. He must have wanted the freshest food.

We’d love to cater your next event and make it a success! Let us know what you’re looking for

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